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Q: What lady stopped all traffic on Farmington for hours in July 2004 and drew hundreds of people to watch?
A: A Victorian lady. A century old house was moved delicately from its original home near the corner of Farmington Avenue and Sigourney Street to Collins Street. See photos of the building as it inched its way down Farmington Avenue.

Q. What building on Farmington Avenue recently received a national award for superior design?
A. The Mark Twain House has received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. (See story)

Q: What building has the heaviest front doors?
A: Cathedral of St. Joseph. Its large bronze doors cannot be manually opened.

Q: What building most exemplifies 1950’s restaurant architecture?
A: The former Aetna Diner (also operated as The Oasis, Comet and Hog River Grille, Mississippi Grille and now is opened as Dishes).

Q: What Farmington Avenue building was a private residence of a former Connecticut governor?
A: Everett John Lake, Republican governor from 1921-1923, lived at 551-53 Farmington Avenue. His house, located at the corner of Whitney Street, is now an office for West End Eye Care and others.

Q: What building housed a car dealership and hosted go-go dancing?
A: The Wall building.

Q: What building served as a carriage house for a large Farmington Avenue home?
A: There are several carriage houses in active use. Two are used for artistic purposes – The Hartford Children’s Theatre and Albano Ballet and Performing Arts Center; two are located at Nook Farm and are used as a visitor center and offices.

Q: What drug store fills over 50% of its prescriptions with help from a robot?
A: Arrow Pharmacy.

Q: Where is the largest wood-frame office building on Farmington Avenue?
A: At the corner of So. Marshall Street and Farmington Avenue.

Q: What area was known as “Little Hollywood" and why?
A: The Frederick, Owen, Denison Street area, now known as Clemens Place. The apartments were filled with single employees of Hartford companies who were known for throwing parties in the roaring 1920’s.

Q: Where is one of the few Georgian style buildings in Hartford?
A: At the corner of Marshall Street and Farmington Avenue.

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